9 thoughts on “Survivorz of Black Wall Street race riot still haven’t received any reparationz

  1. Truth be told many a black people (personz) thought that obama would make thingz better and i argued that he waz and iz a part of thiz oppressive system and that he used change az a sellz pitch to dupe the amerikan people especially the black and brown population.
    I am the child of memberz of the los angeles chapter of the black panther party so i am a panther cub and that in itself iz an honour that i am proud of. Az a young child i told my parentz i waz going to grow up and become a member of the party and 4 a minute i got lost along the way. I had a life changing experience myself and a childhood friend got arrested with 5 pdz of weed in the car Joe who waz white got drug treatment and me i got a 5 yr sentence which woke me up. Panther Love

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    • It doesn’t surprise me that nothing has changed since Obama became president. I am not surprised at what happened to you as opposed to what happened to your friend. One of the things I find truly frightening in the UK is how much racism is hidden. On the surface it’s all ‘political correctness’ and everyone is out to assure you they believe discrimination is abhorrent. But dig under the skin and racism is alive and well. In the ’80s, I worked for the BBC World Service. There I was, surrounded by every race under the sun and had thought that here, at least, was an institution without racism. How stupid could I be. I stepped out with a lovely Nigerian journalist (coincidence as he didn’t work for the BBC) and when I was talking about him to one of the (white) producers, I was flabbergasted when she reacted badly and said I should knock the relationship on its head because he was black and I was white. The relationship didn’t last but not because of colour. Sarah x


  2. Now because there iz a black president here in amerika does not mean that racism no longer existz it iz careful hidden. And if the way that i speak and offendz u i do what i do because my language,religion were taken and beaten out of my ancestorz and i honour my ancestorz by making the language all my own. I am a revolutionary. Panther Love

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    • I completely understand, moorbey. Now that you tell us the reasoning behind it, I can tell you it is a position I admire. Thank you very much for letting us know. As to anything changing just because there is a black president, well, those of us with a brain know that makes no difference and that racism is as appalling as it ever was. Please know that you have not offended me in the slightest. Pete and I are very particular about language and see so many mistakes that make it difficult to understand what people are trying to say. This leads to a lack of communication that is dangerous. However, your ‘Zs’ are not in that category!
      Have a positive day.

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  3. Yet another story of violent racism in the USA, in relatively modern times. Makes it hard to realise that they actually have a black president. Despite that, I suspect that in certain places in that country, little has changed under the surface.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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