Leslau, Holbein, More and Clement

Matt lays out the theories of Jack Leslau about what Holbein’s painting of Thomas More’s family could be telling us about the Princes in the Tower. It is a riveting article and, to my mind, a theory that is highly plausible. You may think differently. It is a long post but I recommend reading it all.


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Before I begin, I have two words of warning. The first is that a huge spoiler for my novels Loyalty and the sequel Honour unavoidably follows. Just so that you know!

Secondly, the following is my telling of the theory researched and expounded by Jack Leslau, an amateur art enthusiast who believed that he stumbled across the answer to the riddle of the Princes in the Tower hidden in Hans Holbein’s stunning portrait of Sir Thomas More’s family. I am not seeking any credit for the facts and ideas below and am relying upon Jack Leslau’s work entirely. Since he passed away, his theory seems to have sat somewhat unattended. I have tried to make contact using the details on the website (that still exists, but is extremely hard to read) to no avail. I am not aware that this work is for sale anywhere and do not intend to…

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One thought on “Leslau, Holbein, More and Clement

  1. Anyone with a more than passing interest in the history of England would do well to read this lengthy and very compelling post. Leslau presents what could be construed to be little more than a meticulously researched conspiracy theory. Either that, or he has hit on the solution to one of the great mysteries of our long history.
    Whichever version you believe, you cannot deny the intelligence and commitment in this man’s work.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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