The Tragic Life of Clara Immerwahr | Saints, Sisters, and Sluts

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Clara Immerwahr was brilliant … with bad taste in men. But Clara’s bad choice translated into a very tragic story.

Clara was the youngest of four children in a comfortable, cultured family. They spent most of the year on the family farm and winters in Breslau with Clara’s grandmother. She and her sisters were tutored privately and attended a girls’ school located in her grandmother’s home.

Although her sisters wanted to marry, Clara bristled at the mention of the “prospective sphere of women’s occupations.” She was interested in natural science and had a desire to be financially independent. When her mother died in 1890, her father turned operation of the farm over to Clara’s sister Elli and her husband and moved with Clara to Breslau. There she attended a teacher’s seminary where the principal recognized her abilities and gave her a copy of…

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3 thoughts on “The Tragic Life of Clara Immerwahr | Saints, Sisters, and Sluts

  1. A great story, of a woman who would rather die, than betray her ideals.
    Fritz was a bit scary mind you, with his shaved head, and rimless glasses. If I had been his wife, I might well have shot myself too!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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