July 4 1814: Fourth of July


On July 4 1814, Thomas C. Flournoy’s gave a Fourth of July Speech. Thomas C. Flournoy was a lawyer in Georgetown, Kentucky. He served as a volunteer in the War of 1812. He sent a copy of this speech to Thomas Jefferson on July 12 1814.

[4 July 1814]
Citizens of Frankfort.
We have met here to day, for the purpose of celebrating the 4th of July. This is a duty which Kentuckians perform, with the greatest pleasure. They know that the noblest emotions of the human heart may languish and decay, through mere inattention, and thoughtlessness: And they are determined to omit nothing, that may establish, and perpetuate in their minds, the sacred love of liberty. This I imagine, is the chief, if not the only good, that can arise from meetings of this kind, they cherish in our memory, the holy love of freedom, the fairest gift of Heaven to…

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