3 thoughts on “Horrors of Holiday Holocaust in Chicago’s Finest Theater (1903)

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  2. A tragic tale indeed. A theatre that was supposedly fireproof, a ship that was declared ‘unsinkable’, all such claims seem to herald disasters over the centuries. The article was very interesting to read, not least for the florid prose of the journalists describing the aftermath. The individual stories of loss added to the overall tone of tragedy, and the descriptions of conditions in the city morgue were also fascinating, to someone who has been to the scene of some similar, though much smaller scale disasters.
    I noted the mention of Eddie Foy. I know little about this American performer, save for a popular film, starring Bob Hope. Here is a link to that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seven_Little_Foys
    It is so long since I have watched it, I cannot recall if the fire in this article is featured in the film.
    Best wishes from Norfolk, Pete.

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