It’s the plague sir……the plague ~ A guest post by Andrea McMillin

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Andrea is Medievalist and artist with a BA degree in Medieval Studies. She is currently working as a writer, on art commissions and working on getting into film. She shows horses and enjoys reading. She joins us with a guest post about illness and medicine in the Middle Ages and how it’s portrayed in the television series “The White Queen”. You can follow her on Twitter @pinkiecat75 and on Facebook.

Medicine in the Middle Ages was a very different experience than what we know of today. Medicinal practices were still rather crude and primitive, and the harsh reality of dying from a simple ailment such as a cold was an actuality for many. The impact of illness and how drastically it could change ones fate in life was very significant when looking at the reign of King Edward IV of England, and its impact on other family members of…

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One thought on “It’s the plague sir……the plague ~ A guest post by Andrea McMillin

  1. As someone who worked in the NHS for more than twenty years, I did find this interesting to read in full. Although it uses examples mostly seen in the TV adaptation of ‘The White Queen’. it makes many informative points about medicine through the ages.
    Readers may be interested to know that some of these ancient treatments, namely leeching of blood, and maggot dressings to remove gangrenous tissue, are enjoying a return to favour in today’s medicine, and are being used in modern teaching hospitals once again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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