Weather; a lesson from history

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


UK readers will recall Somerset was an inland sea just this Spring and the Thames valley filled up like a blocked drain. That was unusual, so weird weather must signal that something is happening which has never happened before, right? So-called “extreme weather events” are the clinchers to convince those doubters of man-made global change. Not one event in isolation, mind you, but these days it seems like it’s just one after another like never before. As the Met Office’s chief scientist, Dame Julia Slingo said: “all the evidence” pointed to climate change as the cause, although there was not yet “definitive proof”.

Well no, not all the evidence and no, not quite like never before.

Imagine how seductive would be that argument if the weather remains as apocalyptic as it has been this Spring in the UK.

It did — but it was in the early 1850s.

You can…

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One thought on “Weather; a lesson from history

  1. Well worth reading if (like me) you do not swallow all the stuff about ‘Global Warming’.
    If you believe in Climate Change, you are unlikely to be swayed. But this article is very much up my street!
    Thanks Sarah. Best wishes, Pete.


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