The Unknown Story of Yellowstone

Hollywood has created too many myths about Native American history. Mind, Body and Soul gives us the truth about the land now known as Yellowstone Park.

Mind, Body and Soul

Image Yellowstone Geyser

Many people from around the world have either heard of Yellowstone or have even been lucky enough to visit this spectacular place. It is well known that this place has a lot of history attached to it; namely the first National Park in the USA and the site of magnificent geysers that have been forming for millions of years.

Each year the Yellowstone National Park attracts over 3 million people to its ground, but little of these visitors actually know the history of the Yellowstone area before it became a world famous landmark.

Image Shoshoni Camp at Yellowstone

Long before tourism and white settlers came to Yellowstone, Native American Tribes were living and hunting within the area for more than 11,000 years. Some historic account indicate that the Native Americans were afraid of the area because of the natural geological occurrences, such as the geysers.

Image Bennock in Yellowstone


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